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Email Marketing Strategies

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Email  Marketing Strategies That Return (Earn) 3% Extra Than What You Spend

If the purpose of your landing on this page is brand awareness and promotion, selling products, or business leads, then you are in right place. In this article, I am going to share with you the best marketing strategies that will earn you 3% extra than what you spend on your business, brand or product. I bet you want to see your brand flourishing; you want to see the increasing number of impressions and clicks, and you want maximum benefits from your brand. Don’t you? Well! Let’s learn those marketing strategies and how you can grow your lead by following these simple marketing strategies.

Almost 64% of small businesses (After the Pandemic) use these marketing strategies to reach customers. Let’s move.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is simply a process of sending electronic mail (e-mails) to website visitors across the world. Emails sent to visitors is not simple mail you send to your friends and colleagues, rather it’s a little more tricky than simple mail because the purpose of this mail is brand recognition, building customer- relationship or driving sales. Not every sent mail is marketing mail; it has specific features and techniques that can seduce readers to take certain desired actions. So, you can say that every email sent to customers in order to drive sales can be called email marketing.Start your email marketing campaign today and move one step close to your target. Remember, today’s planted tree provides a shadow for tomorrow.


Importance of Email Marketing

Earning leads and delivering a high return on investment(ROI)


If you are a businessman or marketer, you might be aware of the fact that how much difficulty it has to face to grow a brand. Therefore, the email marketing method is the best choice for earning leads and getting maximum ROI. Then, there is another thing that why email marketing is more important while there is the best platform of social media with billions of users across the world. But, with the expansion of social media platforms, the importance of email marketing is still the same. People still get their deals through the mail, and reaching your customers through email is safer and more reliable than social media; you get long time clients.

Email marketing is important For the Following 3 Reasons


Email marketing is accessible to all young and old age people and social media groups. Every person might not feel comfortable using social media account, but he may regularly check email. SMM opens doors to a wide range of customers. Therefore, it’s the most accessible to reach your target audience.


Reaching your target audience might be costly, but email marketing is affordable and cost-effective. There are many budget-friendly free and premium tools. However, hiring an expert marketer who suits your budget is an ideal choice. Do you want email marketing services? Get us hired.

Email List Possession

Did you ever imagine what would you do if there’s sudden spam and you lose your social media account? Of course, you will be left with nothing. Anyhow, that’s not the case with EMM, It’s always your property and you can get in touch with your customer any time you want. That’s what makes the EMM superior to SMM.

You get the following benefits from Email Marketing

Customer Loyalty

Through regular email communication, you not only get customer trust but also long term relationships with them. You build a friendly relationship with your target audience each time you are sending them compliments every dawn and dusk.

Expansion of Brand Awareness

Email marketing is a proven track for business research and expansion. Almost every person on social media creates an email account first and then creates social media account using that email. A rough estimation shows that almost 90% of people have email accounts and they check it a minimum of twice a day. Therefore targeting your audience through email marketing is far better than targeting them directly through social media accounts.

Connecting with Multiple Audiences

Email Marketing is like Hyper-personalized communication which is the best method to reach your audience. It feels like face to face communication. Moreover, it gives you an extra edge in reaching out to multiple customers instead of clinging to just one customer.

Time Saving and Less Effort

EMM is an outstanding opportunity for your small and new business than traditional marketing methods. It offers you two benefits. The first, it is time-saving, and the second, it requires less effort. With less effort, you can reach hundreds and thousands of people saving your precious time. If you are unaware of email marketing, hiring EMM services can help you.


One of the major benefits of EMM is conversion which simply means to drive sales. You get customers’ attention by sending them special coupons regarding birthdays or anniversaries which not only win their trust but also convert them into your customer.

FrencoLtd Email Marketing Campaign Services

Once you have fully grabbed the idea of what email marketing is and what are the benefits of email marketing, now you might want to get the best EMM services that can generate business leads for you. Well! FrencoLtd is one of the most trustworthy email marketing companies that ensures EMM services according to your needs and requirements and your marketing goals. We offer the following services.


We perform the best business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) email marketing strategy and audit and determine the factors that caused your marketing success and the hurdles that caused your marketing failure. Our experts take the best steps to understand the pain points and solve the issues.

If you don’t have the plans and resources required for email marketing, we at Frenco, design, and develop custom email templates for the best user experience according to your brand and business. To get the best custom templates with excellent design, let us know.

If you desire to have weekly, monthly or yearly email marketing services, our team collaborates with you and provides you with an outstanding email marketing strategy that will build long-time relationships while getting you maximum profits. Let us go to your marketing campaign together.

EMAM is much more than mere monthly or weekly Email management. Using EMAM you can take your email marketing campaign to next level. We optimize and manage your emails professionally that generate leads.

If you are running an e-commerce website or Shopify Store, or any other e-commerce related site, the EMM should be your priority. E-commerce Email Marketing Services is an outstanding choice to reach your target audience using easy steps. Our experts can assist your hit your target.

Keep your audience and clients updated about your products, brand, and marketing campaigns with FrencoLtd newsletters services. We offer the best and most affordable newsletter services that provide you with all the technical procedures. Ready to fly? Let us fix your feathers.

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